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Award Details

President’s AwardPresident’s Award
President’s Award
Commendation of Prime MinisterCommendation of Prime Minister
Commendation of Prime Minister


  • Registration of Construction Business
    Registration of Construction Business
  • Management Innovative Small Business (Main Biz.)
    Management Innovative Small Business (Main Biz)
  • Technological Innovative Small Business (Innobiz)
    Technological Innovative Small Business (Innobiz)
  • Enterprise Annex Lab Confirmation
    Enterprise Annex Lab Confirmation
  • Venture Company Certification
    Venture Company Certification
  • Quality Certificate Single (PPM)
    Quality Certificate Single (PPM)
  • Quality Certificate ISO9001
    Quality Certificate ISO9001
  • 환경인증서 ISO14001
    Environmental Certificate ISO14001
  • 부품,소재전문기업확인서
    Certified Company for Parts and Materials
  • 뿌리기술 전문기업 지정증
    Root Technology Specialized Enterprise Designation Confirmation
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