>Car wash system >Features
  • Brushless car wash system
    prevents scratches
  • Washes a variety of
    vehicle shapes
  • Minimizes water consumption
    through water recycling
  • Washes large areas at high
    pressure using very little water

Touch Free Car Wash System

No scratches on the surface of vehicles with brushless washing.
The brushless system can wash vehicles of any shape (and with eternal devices)

Suitable vehicle types


Bicycle, motorcycle, cart, passenger car, van, 1-ton truck, and SUV


Heavy machinery, e.g. 2-ton truck, trailer, dump, tank lorry, bus, excavator, etc.

Minimum water consumption through water recycling

Minimizes water consumption by recycling car wash water using our RCL MODULE.

High pressure washing

The product uses a spinner nozzle at a speed of 100-200 rpm and a pressure range of 15-25 bar for omni-directional high pressure washing.

Spinner Nozzle
Rotation speed 100-200rpm
Pressure range 15-25bar