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ENTRA’s Touch Free Car Wash System

The system is a self-driven device with water recycling functionality, and thus uses less water than regular car washes.
Its brushless technology ensures a safe and scratch-free wash even for vehicles with exterior attachments.

How it Works

A conveyor that transfers vehicles automatically from inside the washer. The stopper pulls the vehicle and rises when the vehicle enters the system to keep the vehicle moving in the right direction.

  1. 01Car enters the car washing system
  2. 02Chemical applied
  3. 03Washing
  4. 04Rinsing and waxing
  5. 05Drying
  6. 06Car exits

Installation examples of small touch free car wash systems

Small touch free car wash system (ESV-2000)

Small touch free car wash system (ELV - 2000)
Capacity Up to 60 units per hour Minimum Area 102㎟ (30.9 pyeong)
Max. Height 2,600mm Electricity 380v, 3-phase, 50kw
Max. Width 3,400mm Watering Pressure 15-25Bar
Length 17,000-20,000mm Water Usage 500-1,000L/Unit (Reclaimed water)
Maximum Cleaning Height 2,200mm Water Consumption 40-85L/Unit (Fresh water)
Maximum Cleaning Width 2,200mm Chemical 0.2-0.5L/Vehicle
Small touch free car wash system (ELV - 2000)
Capacity Up to 60 units per hour
Max. Height 2,600mm
Max. Width 3,400mm
Length 17,000-20,000mm
Maximum Cleaning Height 2,200mm
Maximum Cleaning Width 2,200mm
Minimum Area 102㎟ (30.9 pyeong)
Electricity 380v, 3-phase, 38.3kW
Watering Pressure 15-25bar
Water Usage 500-1,000L/Unit (Reclaimed water)
Water Consumption 40-85L/Unit (Fresh water)
Chemical 0.2-0.5L/Vehicle