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ENTRA’s Touch Free Car Wash System

The system is a self-driven device with water recycling functionality, and thus uses less water than regular car washes.
Its brushless technology ensures a safe and scratch-free wash even for vehicles with exterior attachments.

How it Works

Self-driven method can adjust car wash speed

  1. 01Car enters the
    car wash system
  2. 02Chemical spray and tires washing
  3. 03Washes the bottom, sides, and rear parts of the car
  4. 04Rinses
  5. 05Removes water around the slop and uneven areas
  6. 06Dries
  7. 07Car exits

Installation examples of large touch free car wash systems

Large touch free car wash system (ELV - 2000)

Large touch free car wash system (ELV - 2000)
Capacity Up to 40 units per hour Minimum Area 160㎟ (48.3 pyeong)
Max. Height 4,400mm Electricity 380v, 3-phase, 110kw
Max. Width 4,000mm Water Pressure 15-25Bar
Length 27,000-30,000mm Water Usage 700-1,200L/Unit (Reclaimed water)
Maximum Cleaning Height 4,100mm Water Consumption 50-85L/Unit (Fresh water)
Maximum Cleaning Width 3,000mm Chemical 1-5L/Vehicle
Large touch free car wash system (ELV - 2000)
Capacity Up to 40 units per hour
Max. Height 4,400mm
Max. Width 4,000mm
Length 27,000-30,000mm
Maximum Cleaning Height 4,100mm
Maximum Cleaning Width 3,000mm
Minimum Area 160㎟ (48.3 pyeong)
Electricity 380v, 3-phase, 110kW
Water Pressure 15-25bar
Water Usage 700-1,200L/Unit (Reclaimed water)
Water Consumption 50-85L/Unit (Fresh water)
Chemical 1-5L/Vehicle